Capital Punishment

I believe capital punishment is an aberration of love. Not only is life sacred but I believe the example of the heavens is clear: judgements that promote the betterment of all souls, even the most heinous, elevate our society and place it on a clearer path towards a higher love. The civilization of a nation is based on how it treats its most unwanted.

I stated in a previous post that evaluating the totality of one’s life is a calculation only The Greatest Love can make. A mortal judge deciding whether a person should live or die is making a binary, yes or no decision that not even The Greatest Love makes on our judgement day.

The Greatest Love seeks redemption for all souls. Not retribution. Redemption. Yes there will be times when human society is unable to rehabilitate a given soul. When the depths of a person’s depravity cannot be surmounted by modern therapies, medications, and remedies. For such persons a lifetime of humane incarceration may be the only answer in this World at a given point in time. But society must learn from such cases. We must improve upon our knowledge and methods. We must allow the incarcerated opportunities to better themselves. We must continue to try to rehabilitate. We must follow in the footsteps of The Greatest Love. We must never give up on any soul.

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