Capital Punishment

I believe capital punishment is an aberration of love. Not only is life sacred but when redemption is possible even from the depths of Hell, surely we can find enough compassion in our hearts to offer the same opportunity here on Earth.

I stated in a previous post that evaluating the totality of one’s life into a single answer is a calculation only The Greatest Love can make. A mortal judge deciding whether a person should live or die is making a binary, yes or no decision that not even The Greatest Love makes on our judgement day. For the Greatest Love seeks redemption for all souls even those that have committed the most vile of acts. Not retribution. Redemption.

I believe it is arrogance to think a decision with such finality can ever be made by any human minds. I believe it is not possible for all of humanity to have sufficient combined cognitive resources to reduce the entirety of a single human life into a yes or no decision, much less a single human judge and/or a jury of peers. How can we sit in judgement of a person’s existence? A handful of actions most certainly. But all of one’s actions throughout all of their life? To allow it to be extinguished without any possibility for redemption?

I believe even Hell is not so cruel.

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