I believe there is a Heaven but with the emergence of sacred love I believe our love has evolved past the point of having Heaven dictated to us by gods. Instead I believe The Greatest Love has bestowed on humanity a fundamental freedom, for each individual soul granted access to The Eternal Paradise, to define for themselves what their Heaven is to be. In so doing The Greatest Love has relinquished some of Their power and bestowed it upon the individual souls granted access to Heaven.

Why do I believe this has happened? Because forcing any loving soul to exist under eternal conditions dictated outside of their control, I believe, is an aberration in this age of sacred love. This is true even if the eternity is spent in Paradise and even if the dictator is The Greatest Love. Such a situation may be acceptable for lower forms of love but in this era of sacred love the freedom to choose your own eternity, I believe, is fundamental to humankind. That chosen eternity can involve one of the Heavens depicted in the sacred texts of the great religions or you can define a uniquely personal Heaven.

Define it with love in your heart. Not lust, egotism or immodesty. Love. Who do you love? What is truly needed to bring you great joy? What are your great passions? I believe if you can focus on questions such as these you can define your own Heaven. And yes, if your love eventually wavers for your first Heaven imagine another with love in your heart and it is yours.

I also believe that the human soul can eventually become tired with any eternity. And so, I believe, it is with Heaven. The opportunity to experience life’s pleasures again may outweigh the yearning to stay in The Eternal Paradise. Thus I believe reincarnation becomes available to all souls in Heaven. For I believe that such souls may decide that they want to participate again in life on Earth: to find love anew, marry, have children. Accomplish goals both great and small and experience life again in all its wonders. These are powerful drives that, I believe, even Paradise is unable to eternally pacify for all.

And what of the other great religions? For example Buddhism that does not believe in a Higher Power or a Heaven but does believe in a cycle of rebirths. I stated earlier The Greatest Love does not care what you believe so long as your actions in this World are loving. I believe Buddhism is a loving and great religion and as such I believe The Greatest Love makes possible the series of rebirths and nirvana for all Buddhists who live a life according to their customs and traditions.

And in fact the Greatest Love makes all variants of the afterlife, as described by the great religions, possible so long as they are based on love. Anything less would be to deny love. For in a secular world where all the great religions should be treated equally, I believe, the same must be true in The Greatest Love’s support of all the possible afterlives.

The alternative is nonsensical to me: a loving god showing preferences between loving religions. It cannot be, for I believe The Greatest Love loves all the great religions equally. And it is this equality of love which those religions must celebrate through respect, understanding, and yes love, of their religious cousins, and of all of humanity.

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