As discussed in a previous post I do not believe in the traditional view of Hell as a transcendental existence absent The Greatest Love. A god of infinite love would never expose any soul to such terror. Neither in the heavens nor on Earth.

Nor is there a Satan or Devil. There is no Greatest Evil to contrast with The Greatest Love. That is not to say there is no, lowercase ā€˜eā€™, evil in the World or the heavens. There is. Just that there exists no single Embodiment of Evil in either.

Instead Hell is an idea. A conception of what it is to exist without love. The absence of love would require the absence of all other souls as well as The Greatest Love. Complete and utter isolation, and because of the absence of love complete and utter terror.

But it is an idea that cannot exist. The Greatest Love would never abandon any person in the heavens or on this World. Even the most heinous, most evil among us, those that push The Greatest Love away, will never be deserted by Them. To do so would leave that soul utterly devoid of any love, including their own.

All love arises from The Greatest Love. They are the wellspring from which all love flows. To remove Their love, is to remove it all. That is Hell. A place where all love dies and a place that does not exist. The Greatest Love stands as a bulwark against such horror. Even if it might be conceivable for one of Their creations to cause such unmitigated evil in this World such that no one would love them, They always will. To believe otherwise is to believe in a god of finite love. And I do not.

Despite the absence of a Hell humanity is capable of sinking to tremendous depths. History is awash in the blood of atrocities, where our inhumanity towards each other knew no bounds. It is the inflictors of such cruelty that come closest to Hell. Their souls mutilated by their actions. Their love lost. What do I believe awaits such souls in the heavens? What would a god of infinite love decide for them? As mentioned in the previous post the goal of the heavens is not to punish or reward but to better all souls, even the most heinous. And so this is what I believe The Greatest Love would provide for.

They would give our World another chance by returning that soul back to us. They would then step aside and allow us, as a society, to raise that child anew with love, and another chance for that developing child to embrace such love. Our free wills make it impossible for The Greatest Love to know with certainty that child’s fate nor are They responsible for it. There is no predetermination. There is no omniscience. Instead it is we who must work together as a village to ensure that child is raised in love. To ensure the hate and prejudices of their past lives do not become embedded within that person in their new one. And that has the best chance of success when our societies as a whole are moving towards Heaven, not away from it. Only then can such a soul be elevated away from hate and towards a higher love.

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