I believe there is a Hell. But there is no Satan or Devil. There is no Greatest Evil to contrast with The Greatest Love. That is not to say there is no, lowercase ā€˜eā€™, evil in Hell or the World. There is. Just that there exists no single Embodiment of Evil.

Instead, in Hell, there is an emptiness, a void. It is the absence of all other souls as well as the love of The Greatest Love. Complete and utter isolation, and because of the absence of love from the Greatest Love, complete and utter terror.

But there is still some love: the love that one damned soul can muster. As stated earlier, all souls have at least some love in their heart. Love exists and it is always deserving of a chance at redemption. We must never lose faith that even the most hateful and evil of souls would be afforded the opportunity by The Greatest Love, to find enough love in their heart to perform redeeming acts even from within the Void. If that happens I believe it would be cruel to keep the redeemed in Hell, and The Greatest Love is never cruel. And so I believe They would free such a soul from the chains of Hell.

Why does The Greatest Love remove Their love from Hell? I do not believe it is to punish. That is not the purpose of Hell. The purpose of Hell is to teach and ultimately redeem lost souls. When speaking of the absence of Divine Love from Hell The Greatest Love’s intent is to teach the damned the meaning and power of Their love. For sometimes only when love is removed can we truly appreciate its significance in our existence.

In this definition of Hell redemption becomes possible from anywhere, even its depths. It becomes a place not of punishment but of atonement. Those clinging to the most hateful and evil of beliefs will find difficulty in rising above such hatred. But The Greatest Love will never stop providing such souls with opportunities for redemption. An all-loving god will never turn Their back on any of Their creations no matter how evil. Hell is terrifying because The Greatest Love does not make Their love felt. But it is not cruel for the love of the souls therein is allowed to grow, shine, and ultimately prevail over their bonds of damnation.

And in the love of even the damned lie the keys to their salvation.

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