Love or Life

I believe human life is sacred. And I believe The Greatest Love has delivered me a message that human love is also sacred. So when love conflicts with life how should we act? The question is pertinent to such issues as abortion and euthanasia which will be discussed later in this blog.

In the interim however, the fifth message, and all that I believe The Greatest Love to be, makes a fundamental truth clear to me. For me it is something that I not only believe, but I know in my heart.

I know that love is more important than life itself.

In a later post I state that with love comes a soul. That together with human life these three ideas: life, love, and a soul, form a trinity. However contempt, malice, hatred, envy, etc., none of these need to be a part of any soul. But that is not true with love. Once established love can never be extinguished from any soul. Yes it can grow and shrink over time but it can never completely fade away. Even the most evil among us have some remaining capacity to act with love in their heart.

It is in this eternalness of love in which I believe.

There is also a relationship between love and life. As stated earlier, I believe love is the meaning of life. But what then is the meaning of love? For me, to understand the meaning of love in the Universe is to understand more than just the biological basis and evolutionary advantages for love. For love is more than just science for me. It is understanding each of our individual chains of love and how they interconnect. Then seeing where that combined and interconnected mesh of love representing all of humanity can progress and lead to. It is our combined love which, I believe, The Greatest Love is most interested in. It is the big ship that they are steering.

Hatred, intolerance, prejudice: these work to knock that ship off course. But the ship, powered by humanity’s love and piloted by the Hand of The Greatest Love will eventually right itself. My faith in humanity and The Greatest Love dictate this for me. And what will be this ship’s final destination? To contemplate that is to predict the future by peering inside The mind of The Greatest Love and understand Their Divine Plan along with the collective will of humanity. It is not possible to comprehend.

And so our science may one day be able to explain in intricate detail the biological basis of love. But it will never be able to answer where our combined love can lead humanity to. Nor the role each of us is to play in Their Divine Plan. Glimpses of the possible next steps on the journey I believe will be revealed once they can be understood just as I believe one possible next step was revealed to me in the second vision. But the ultimate destination in this journey is determined by the combined wills of humanity and The Greatest Love and whatever it is I believe it will be beautiful.

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