Climate Change

I believe that climate change is occurring and is primarily caused by human activities. In so doing I choose to believe the vast majority of capable scientists who have devoted their education and careers to the pursuit of answers. The truths they have agreed upon regarding global warming have given me pause.

I believe, the forests will burn larger, the hurricanes will circle stronger, and the oceans will rise higher. Slowly at first. But progressively faster. I believe they are all signs. Yes of climate change, but also of The Greatest Love trying to speak to us and bring us closer together for global action. And I do not believe The Greatest Love will save us from ourselves. Our choices must have consequences and I do not believe that global warming of this haste is cyclical or will somehow correct itself by a supernatural hand of The Greatest Love. I believe They will not interfere with the laws of nature.

It is these laws which we must now listen to closely for The Greatest Love has chosen to speak to all of us through them. The laws of nature do not compete with the Divine. They are instead the immutable handiwork of the Divine, and science allows us to discover, understand, and apply those laws. I believe today The Greatest Law is sending us all a message, delivered by Their laws that we must heed:

Your World is warming. You are the cause. You need to fix it.

The solution involves treating our Mother Earth with compassion and respect. Of never exploiting her resources to exhaustion. Of recognizing that economic growth is not the sole measure of humanity’s progress or how to value our existence in the Universe. All are lessons that are most critical today but also tomorrow when we strive to reach distant stars and where we must show the same compassion and respect to distant planets.

Now we get to the question of destiny. Because of the second vision I believe our destiny lies in the stars. I believe humanity will make it there because of my faith in humanity. However that is not to say the path will be a straight line. And I believe climate change, more than any other issue in the World today, has the very real potential to add a circuitous, and destructive path to our destiny.

If we do not deal with climate change now, I believe, the path to our destiny will be impacted. It will take us longer to get there as time, and resources are diverted towards dealing with the impacts of climate change. People, mostly the poor and low-income, will suffer due to our arrogance and lack of leadership. We must listen to our World. Listen to our scientists and humbly accept that they know more than we.

At the same time we must also work on the solution: the transition away from fossil fuels to present-day renewables, as much as possible, until future and more effective renewable energy sources can come online. The science is clear to me on this. Fossil fuels are a limited resource whose burning harms our planet. We must recognize that our future depends upon renewables, and that future must come very soon.

Now eventually I believe the World will come together to hear Their message. In response we will speak in a common and sufficiently impactful voice to combat climate change. In so doing the breadth of our love will have been extended to our World.

My concern is how long will it take?

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