Distant Stars

I believe that before we can reach distant stars we must learn to love our World and each other. We must feel comfortable giving up our weapons of mass violence and destruction. Tearing down the walls that divide great nations and building up the love such nations so richly deserve to share. Only when our World can come together as a pluralistic and loving society, where people are free of persecution, violence, and despair, will we have the necessary yearning to turn our attention in earnest to star travel.

I believe the time will come when, on our World, the major problems of today become surmountable. That does not mean a World without conflict or suffering. But conflict and suffering will be the exception rather than the norm. It means a World where human rights including religious, and democratic rights, are widely respected. Where inequality both between nations and within nations has been significantly narrowed thereby allowing all people and nations to participate more equally in the success and advances of the World. This in turn will foster fairness and hope on a global scale. And of course all of this must be achieved in an environmentally sustainable way. Humankind must never again take the World for granted.

When that time arrives the World will look outward, instead of inward, into the space beyond. Together we will tackle the enormous endeavor that is interstellar space travel. And we will reach for distant stars not because we have to. Not because some global calamity or impending disaster necessitates such action. It is the opposite. We will reach for distant stars because the absence of global concerns will free humanity to undertake the enormous and global effort that will be required for star travel. And it will not be our fears which drive that effort. It will be our aspirations.

When that day arrives we will send probes followed by human explorers to the distant planets we have deemed habitable.

And we will extend humanity’s love to distant stars and thereby fulfill the promise of the second vision.

This is what I believe.

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