The United States of America and Guns

There is one event that every time I think about it deeply, I cry. I cannot forget it. I will not forget it. In a word: Newtown.

I believe in angels. For in some of my darkest days I felt their comforting embrace and it gave me solace. On that day in Connecticut I believe the angels cried as they carried twenty innocent souls to the heavens.

America. Such a great nation. So much potential. Some of it already fulfilled but so much more yet to be realized. But on that day children, babies, were slain and you turned your back on them. In so doing the angels cried a second time.

Sensible gun control legislation America. And for those opposing it: this is not the government taking away your guns. This is love. Love for the innocents that are slain far too often. I believe it is an aberration of love to not limit who should receive firearms. And the type of firearms that others should be allowed to purchase.

Do it for Newtown. Do it for the children. Do it for yourselves.

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