The United States of America and Guns

There is one event that every time I think about it deeply, I cry. I cannot forget it. I will not forget it. In a word: Newtown.

I believe in angels. For in some of my darkest days I felt their comforting embrace and it gave me solace. On that day in Connecticut I believe the angels cried as they carried twenty innocent souls to the heavens.

America. Such a great nation. So much potential. Some of it already fulfilled but so much more yet to be realized. But on that day children, babies, were slain and you turned your back on them. In so doing the angels cried a second time. And then a good man leading that great nation shed his own tears to ask “Why?“.

Why? Because sometimes love needs to get angry.

President Barack Obama – Gun Violence Speech: For showing that the most presidential of speeches can involve tears from the heart.

I believe the majority of Americans understood what he felt. Their hearts understood that their nation’s will was being held hostage by a powerful lobby. A lobby that may believe they are representing freedom, but in fact are representing something very different and highly dangerous: freedom at any cost. An ethos of freedom at any cost has caused that lobby and its supporters to look away when twenty first-graders were terrorized and slain in what should have been a sanctuary: an elementary school.

Freedom is but one side of a pendulum. The other side being responsibility. Freedom at any cost is freedom without responsibility. America your children are dying in your streets and in your schools because the pendulum has swung too far towards freedom. Yes. It is possible to give your citizens too much freedom America. By giving them freedom regardless of the cost you are surrendering your responsibility to protect your most vulnerable. And so the infants borne of your sons and daughters are being slain for the sake of your freedom at any cost.

I pray that the executive and legislative branches of my American friends to the south may find the will to reflect the majority of their nation on this issue, and enact sensible gun control laws. And for those opposing it: I pray that you may see this is not the government trying to wrest control from its citizenry in order to subjugate you. No. This is something far less conspiratorial and far more fundamental.

This is love.

Love for the innocents whose blood is spilled too often in your country on the altar of freedom at any cost.

I believe it is an aberration of love to not limit who should receive firearms. And the type of firearms that others should be allowed to purchase.

Do it for Newtown. Do it for the children. Do it for yourselves.

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