Suicide is not an aberration of love. Such a complex condition cannot be so easily labelled. I have contemplated suicide twice in my life. On the first occasion it was the love of The Greatest Love and the first message that saved me. And another time while experiencing a major depression after my second hospital release. During that second occasion it was the love of my family which saved me.

But for those who feel they have no one that loves them, or have feelings of hopelessness and despair please, please, look hard for love. Look for it in your friends and family. Look for it in the compassion of mental health professionals. Look for it in your god(s) or the practitioners of your faith. Look for it in The Greatest Love. For I strongly believe that love is available to all.

But I also realize that the complexity of suicide cannot be addressed by anything I can possibly write here. There is no magic incantation of words that can alleviate the pain of all those contemplating suicide. I strongly encourage those thinking of suicide to consult mental health professionals and the others who love them. When I did, I found compassion. I found love. And it was enough to lead me back.

I pray that you will find the same.

R.E.M. – “Everybody Hurts” : For writing a powerful ballad that reminds us all that we are in this together.

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