The Nature of The Greatest Love

Love does not demand worship and neither does The Greatest Love. And no places of worship need to be erected in Their name. However rarely is our need to worship done to appease a demanding god. Instead it is to help us. It instills within us a sense of community, humility, and of course love. And so The Greatest Love does not demand worship but recognizes we may want to worship Them nonetheless. If you want to worship The Greatest Love visit a mosque, synagogue, church, or temple and look for The Greatest Love there. Look for Them in the words of love preached there. And if you cannot find love preached there then leave and go elsewhere.

For love is the meaning of life.

And if one place of worship fails to emphasize its importance I am sure there are others that will.

And if you don’t want to visit any place of worship? Well that is fine too. Their love does not need to be worshiped in hallowed halls. It can instead be cherished every day by giving and receiving love to and from the people around us. Find love in your friends and family. Find it in your neighbors. Find it all around you, and most of all find it within yourself, and believe in its power to change the World.

Nor does the Greatest Love ask us to love Them. A Creator that does not ask for our worship or love, but whose love for us is infinite in return – that is The Greatest Love. They merely ask that you love something other than yourself. Love your family. Or love your friends. Or love your country. Or love your World. Or love your dog. Just love something more than yourself. Preferably many things. But realize that the most meaningful and powerful love is found in our relationships with others, and all loving beings, including our god(s).

If all you have to love is your material possessions, then the Greatest Love mourns for you. For such love is unrequited while the most powerful forms of love involve reciprocation.

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