The Second Message

After making two trips to the hospital to deal with my delusions I was finally released for a second time in the spring of 2018. I would still find myself thinking about love and my god but in a more controlled manner. I was taking medications to prevent my thoughts from racing. Those thoughts were focused on family, and friends and I was starting to make much more progress in fleshing out my beliefs: the nature of love, its purpose, why we are here, the meaning of life, The Greatest Love. All of which I will discuss in later posts. But the delusions in the hospital had left me badly shaken. Scared that all the beliefs that had formed over this experience were just that – delusions.

It was during this major depressive period, when self-doubt started to appear, that I believe The Greatest Love, spoke to me a second time. They said:

It’s going to be ok

It was these words of comfort that allowed me to go on. But there is more. I thought about Their words for some time. Like the second vision I now believe the words were not just meant for me. They were meant for my children. And their children. And more. I believe, the words were meant for our World and it’s future generations.

In a World where we are bombarded with stories of hate, destruction, and violence we must realize that there are far more acts of love that go by unnoticed. Yes our World has real problems: climate change is real and already causing tremendous damage, extremists are forgetting about love and focusing on hate and intolerance, authoritarian regimes are failing to implement free and fair elections, and others.

But there are also many good and loving people fighting those battles. Their heart is in the right place and that is power. Now what is needed is that same love but on a global scale to fight those global problems. And I believe we will be fine. That’s not to say there won’t be changes. There has to be. But the end result, I believe, will be beautiful.

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