The Third Message

After the second message I was struggling with just what The Greatest Love wanted me to do. They had presented me with messages and visions, and I had worked out several beliefs but I still found myself deeply depressed, unsure of how to move forward. It was then that a third message came:

Live a good life.

And I knew exactly what that meant for me. Our paths in this World are likely not to involve becoming the next great scientist, or to hold high office. Nor do they have to be. Just live a good life. Live with love in your heart. Treat people with compassion, respect, and decency. And treat yourself, your community, your nation, and your World similarly.

Imagine a place where everyone could do that. That, I believe, would be a wonderful World.

What was noticeably absent was a list of laws: you must do this, you must not do that. We are already good at coming up with laws. There is no shortage of laws. And our gods no longer need to dictate laws or morality to us.

Instead what is needed now are people looking beyond their own narrow self-interests and looking into their heart before deciding what actions to take. That cannot be commanded or legislated. That must be inspired.

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