Paradise Garden

When I chose the header image for this blog many years ago, entitled “The Walk to Paradise Garden”, it was because I felt it was a beautiful image that exemplified the journey of discovery that I was about to embark upon. That still holds true but another interpretation of that image has come into focus for me.

The two young children represent humanity. After a long travel alone in the wilderness they are coming to a clearing to discover a garden presented by a master gardener. Each flower bed representing a new World with loving life embracing it. And although individual flowers in each bed may share the same genetic identity each is unique in its own right. Each flower representing an individual loving lifeform from that distant World. Trillions upon trillions of flowers spread across thousands of beds in total. And humanity taking the time to visit each bed to experience the wonder of it all and to convey our wisdom and our love.

In this interpretation the gardener, remains always out of sight yet Their handiwork is all around. It is seen in the brilliant colors, smelled in the beautiful fragrances, and felt in the overwhelming majesty of the endeavor. The Greatest Love is truly The Master Gardener.

Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada

When those distant civilizations progress their love to become interstellar beings in their own right we will meet them walking through Paradise Garden that our Creator has created for all of us, and love will be our shared language. It will be spoken fluently by both of us and will be used to establish friendships, humility, and kindness on a Universal scale.

I believe at least the first phase of Their Divine Plan is the creation of Paradise Garden, not in the heavens, but right here in our own Universe. Our Universe, originally devoid of any life but then transformed by the touch of The Master Gardener into a sprawling garden of many plants, flowers, bushes, and trees of differing shapes and sizes, colors and fragrances. Each flower cross-pollinating will others to establish new forms of loving life. A Universe of incredible diversity that will shape and progress our collective love in the eons to come.

I believe our ultimate destiny does not lie on this planet. It does not involve an apocalyptic prophet returning here to pass a binary judgement on all those left behind. I am sorry if this offends those who are waiting for such an arrival, but such a message is one of punishment and annihilation for non-believers and fails to account for the loving civilizations circling other stars. This is not a message of love.

Instead we now know that our collective love has a tremendous space in which to expand into the Universe. A realization that did not exist in millennia past when the prophets were professing their faith. At a time when our geography was confined to a limited number of empires populating Eurasia, our destiny lying in the stars was impossible to conceive of. But I believe The Greatest Love, with the second vision, has shown me humankind’s next enormous leap: love must progress beyond our planet into the distant stars.

When we are ready to make that leap we must be cautious of The Garden They have created for all of us there. It is this realization that I believe the second vision conveys. That first handful of Worlds is meant to replace our caution with confidence. Even if we do not discover intelligent life by the time the second vision becomes reality, the life we do discover will provide us with enough confidence that the full abundance of Their Garden is real and is not to be feared.

The first steps into The Garden will not reveal it all. The first handful of beds present in the second vision will not be as grand as the later beds. Loving life may exist in those first few beds but it may not be intelligent. But those first few beds will provide us with the hope we need that loving intelligent life exists elsewhere in the Universe and is discoverable by us.

But first we must show that we are capable of maintaining those first Worlds without exploiting them to exhaustion. Of cherishing the loving life we find there even though it may not be intelligent. When this happens then I believe The Greatest Love will reveal more and then the search must go on within Paradise Garden. A Garden that is capable of bringing together all the loving inhabitants of the cosmos.

This is not a metaphorical return to the Garden of Eden. A garden from which humanity was expelled for disobedience to Yahweh. This is a new garden spanning the cosmos in which humanity and her friends will be embraced by The Greatest Love. It is not some utopian wonderland and it is certainly not the perfection of Heaven. It will have pain and suffering, disease, and conflict. But it will also have a tremendous amount of love. Love for all of the loving civilizations we find there. And slowly over the span of time that love will continue to progress. The Garden will continue to grow. And when it has achieved a certain grand extent, I believe we can expect more. To us, along with our many friends in the cosmos, I believe more will be revealed.

The journey will never end.

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