A Silent God?

Why in modern times have there been no clear and unambiguous signs of The Greatest Love’s presence in our Universe? I believe They are capable of delivering such signs. Signs that could be so awe-inspiring that they would cause humanity to coalesce our various sets of beliefs into one. Signs that could convert the masses including the most ardent non-believers as They reveal Themselves to us. Yet instead there remains only silence. Why?

Because I believe The Greatest Love wants us to have the freedom to believe as we wish. This freedom is fundamental and forms a cornerstone of our free will. The Greatest Love’s role is not to pass judgement on our beliefs. Instead a diversity of thoughts, opinions, and beliefs must be allowed to flourish and grow but also evolve independently without constraint. There must never become one belief system above all others. Never one religion to rule them all. Instead all loving religions must learn to cooperate more and compete less. To acknowledge the beauty in each other and to see that beauty as the starting point for dialog. I believe the World needs all the great religions, exploring love in all its different dimensions in order to gain a more complete understanding of The Greatest Love and our roles in the Universe. The loss of but one loving religion makes us all lesser off. And a god making Themselves clearly visible to the World would risk the elimination of many such religions as Their latest revelations become the focus of the worshipping masses.

I believe in this age of sacred love having humankind worshipping a new incarnation of the Divine is not the goal. They no longer seek our worship. Instead They ask now that we love each other, and the World in which we live. And yes if you have a god(s) you believe in you also have the absolute freedom to love and worship them as well. But do not feel the need to worship, love, or even believe in The Greatest Love. For, I believe, Their Divine love does not demand such things from us. For with our sacred love comes the freedom to worship, love, and believe as we wish so long as we only act with love in our hearts.

It is in our loving actions where The Greatest Love is found. However actions that marginalize segments of humanity because of their sex, color, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliations or lack thereof, etc., are not love. There can be no love found in such discriminations regardless of where they originate. These are hateful acts that lead us away from The Greatest Love.

Why does The Greatest Love not appear and make it clear that such prejudices have no place in our World. That no religion or holy book should condone such behavior? Because, as discussed above, that is no longer Their role. In this age of sacred love we have evolved our understanding of love far enough for us to transcend such prejudices. We no longer require The Greatest Love to dictate scripture, laws or commandments in this regard. We have evolved our love and now must choose, of our own accord, to take the path towards righteousness. To help us on that journey The Greatest Love has sent leaders and activists; messengers and prophets. They have helped to influence millennia of discourse on the role of humanity in our World. On what our purpose in this Universe is. And what rights and freedoms we should all enjoy. The Greatest Love has led us through our moral infancy and now we must learn for ourselves what love dictates.

It will not be easy. Many ethical dilemmas and legacy biases will confront us. For example a church that has prohibited women from entering the priesthood because of their sex. An act of misogyny that has persisted for over two millennia. How easy would it be for that church to tear down their biased wall of patriarchy and transcend such dogma in favor of equality for all? Will that church ever do so? Will they ever see?

Yes I believe they will. In time.

And in time other leaders in mosques, synagogues, and temples will be able to see and tear down their own walls. Walls which block out love. And once those houses of worship have torn down their walls they will look outside and be able to see their neighbor’s house of worship. They will then realize that the similarities that are shared between them are far greater than the differences that divide them. Yes the details of their beliefs will differ but The Greatest Love does not judge such differences. Instead They are most concerned that all places of worship can unite around actions that reveal their shared love. That when love is central to a religion’s dogma and doctrine it opens them up to a World of friendships, their god(s), and of course The Greatest Love.

When discussing the great religions of the World The Greatest Love does not pick sides. They rejoice in all the infinite complexity that is humanity. In all the loving beliefs and religious doctrine that comprise our spiritual identities. Revealing Themselves to all of humanity may unite our various beliefs but for what purpose and at what cost? Uniting the World through one set of beliefs is not Their purpose. Beliefs are not Their concern. Actions are. And the more of humanity that acts with love in their hearts, the more the world will change for the better.

Now that may sound simplistic, perhaps even naïve. But the complexity lies in the nature of love. It quickly becomes the most complex of conditions. People acting solely with love in their heart will invest mountains of treasure to find the cure to a medical ailment, while at the same time mobilizing armies to fight in a just war against oppression and aggression. It is in this vast spectrum of complex actions that love, over the long march of time will succeed. That success will be measured in many ways. From human rights and freedoms to peace, prosperity, and well-being, love will advance forward. It will not always be a steady advance. At times we will step backwards. But love and its allies will persevere. The reason, I believe, is that there is at our core a quintessentially human yearning to foster love not just amongst our family and friends but in our places of worship, in our communities, in our nations and in our World. Justice, equal rights, fundamental freedoms: the yearning for all of these will never subside. They are love and they are embraced by the Creator in whose image we were made. Love becomes the common thread that binds all of us together. And all loving religions as well as many secular institutions, and each of us, have a role to play in recognizing such love above all else in the World.

Finally it must be remembered that although The Greatest Love may be silent for many They can often be felt. They are felt in the warmth of a partner’s embrace, the gentle sighs of a sleeping child, the comforting words of a friend, or the majestic glow of a breathtaking sunset. These moments are ones of love. And it is in these feelings that The Greatest Love is found. Love quickly becomes the greatest gift that They have ever bestowed on humanity.

Not our beliefs or sacred texts. Not free will. Not life itself.


Love was much more than an evolutionary imperative. It was and is our connection to the Divine. Their divine hand has guided us to this point in our evolution and we have now grown enough to recognize the awesome potential of love.

And it is through that love that The Greatest Love is revealed.

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