Suffering and Future Thoughts

Why the suffering? I do not know why people suffer. Yes it can build resilience but some suffering, for example that inflicted by natural disasters, can seem particularly harsh, even cruel.

Are such examples of suffering tests of our love? Perhaps. But if they are a test then they are a test of our collective humanity just as much as a test of the people most impacted by the suffering.

I do believe that with time, and with love our ability to limit such extreme and widespread suffering in the World increases: the diplomats will increasingly replace the weapons of war, our medical research will grow ever more sophisticated, and our scientists will be better able to predict natural disasters. These are but three examples of the efforts to eliminate some of the suffering in the World. There are many more. They are all love.

Will we succeed in eliminating all suffering? No. I believe that is only possible in the heavens, not our Universe.

Can our love evolve to be something greater than sacred love? I believe that with sacred love we can reach distant stars. As stated in an earlier post, the next leap, which may be first contact and then travelling to a World with intelligent life may require a further evolution of our love.

What is our ultimate destiny? I believe it is to play a role in Their Divine Plan. But what that Plan is I do not know. In the interim I believe The Greatest Love has shown me only where sacred love can lead us to, namely the second vision. Once that is achieved I believe They will reveal more.

In the meantime find and nurture love in your journey through life instead of waiting for an ultimate destination.

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