Divine Intervention

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines a miracle as “an extraordinary event manifesting┬ádivine intervention in human affairs“. It further defines supernatural as “departing from what is usual or normal especially so as to appear to transcend the laws of nature“. In this post I will explore miracles as well as the supernatural. Given these definitions I find a place for each of them in my beliefs but they come with caveats. Let me explain.

I believe the laws of nature are the laws of The Greatest Love. They bring order to the Universe and are fundamental to it. They are the framework upon which our existence is based and the more we understand nature, and its laws, the more we understand Their Grand Design. I believe They would no more forsake such laws than they would forsake Their love for us. As such they are the rock upon which our foundations of science can be built.

Miracles however can create cracks in those foundations if in accepting them as examples of divine intervention requires us to also believe that the laws of nature have been broken. Instead I believe in a middle ground. I believe the divine can intervene in the natural world without breaking Their laws. Miracles remain possible without impacting the foundations of our science. And I believe this is the path The Greatest Love has chosen to take. Miracles must always be viewed by humankind as mysteries to be unraveled and understood. Even the Divine would not break the laws of nature and as such Their interventions in nature can always be explained given sufficient knowledge of the Universe. And once explained by science miracles need not lessen our belief in the Divine. Instead they should heighten our wonder of a finely tuned Universe the existence of which continues to point us towards Them.

I said in an earlier post that some of the miracles attributed to Christ I could not believe in. The reason is because I could not imagine any way in which they could be true without breaking one or more laws of nature. Other events attributed to Christ, in particular some of His healing examples, I believe are possible in the natural world. The mind and the beliefs it holds can be a powerful force over the body. Powerful enough to illicit extraordinary healing events. But are they miracles? Do they represent Divine Intervention or merely the mind’s incredible, but poorly understood power to heal the body?

Could they be both?

Consider the asteroid that destroyed the dinosaurs. What if the size and trajectory of that asteroid was realized billions of years earlier in the cauldron that existed before the Big Bang? If the Creator could orchestrate the eventual dynamics of our single solar system from within the cauldron containing our eventual Universe, and see our prehistoric world dominated by the apex dinosaurs of their time. With this knowledge could They plant the seeds, from within the cauldron, for an asteroid to intersect with the orbit of our planet after the early mammals began to appear? In this understanding the Divine could intentionally intervene at the beginning of time to effect an extraordinary event in the distant future. And despite none of the eventual laws of nature being broken the event would still represent divine intervention. A miracle.

Are all divine interventions constructed in this manner: initiated before time began by manipulating the earliest matter and energies available from within the cauldron? Before the laws of nature were even in place? Through a series of such interventions The Greatest Love established the Universe’s initial state and the laws that would subsequently govern how it would progress. Is this the extent of Their interventions or is there a place today for interventions after time began, within our Universe, that continues to this day while keeping the laws of nature intact?

Some believe there is a place for the Divine within the unpredictability of quantum mechanics and chaos theory. That in such theories there is a place for The Greatest Love to effect change in the natural world without breaking Their laws. Unfortunately to truly believe whether this is possible requires a substantial understanding of theoretical physics and advanced mathematics. I am left wondering if an all-loving god would allow something as important as evidence of Their potential existence to only be understood by those with the ability to comprehend such complexity?

I do remain open to the possibility that there is also a place for the divine to intervene via events that transcend the laws of nature. Not breaking the laws of nature. Transcending them. Namely interventions that involve the supernatural. There is never an expectation that a scientific explanation will ever be found in nature for the supernatural. The supernatural can never be scientifically proven to exist or not exist. The Greatest Love is a supernatural being that I believe in. I also believe in immortal souls, free will, and the Heavens. All of those concepts are supernatural. I believe in them based on my own experiences all of which you can read about in earlier blog posts. And although there may be means by which The Greatest Love can naturally intervene today without breaking Their laws, there is at least one supernatural intervention which I believe will continue to happen in perpetuity: the instilment of souls into the unborn.

Before the emergence of love the Universe’s future course was predetermined at the beginning of time. But with love came free will, souls, and the ability to alter the future based on freely made choices. In this imagining the Divine can effect change today based on the specific assignment of souls to the unborn. Yes nature and nurture in the form of genetics, environment, upbringing, natural events, etc., play a major role in our choices and our destiny in this Universe. But I also believe that our supernatural souls, as divinely assigned and defined by the love in our hearts, also have a role to play in this regard. That scientific determinism and the material Universe alone is insufficient to explain how our choices and our future will proceed.

I believe something further. Souls and our free will, as divinely granted, prevent even The Greatest Love from knowing all the choices we will make in our lives. I believe the presence of free will limits Their ability today to know our future with certainty. In a divine act of humility They freely gave up Their omniscience in order for us to be more free. And so the free will of both humanity and The Greatest Love now defines our future. Both are important. Both must be considered. Yes I believe The Greatest Love will try to guide us towards Their Divine Plan. But They cannot lead us there if we refuse to follow. Free will was Their gift to us and it released us from the yoke of predetermination.

By contrast the prehistoric world was different. Souls along with free will were limited to the few primitive mammals that could experience love. The effects of an asteroid impact could be calculated by The Greatest Love. The survival of the mammals and extinction of the dinosaurs could be known beforehand. But with our modern world and the emergence of sacred love, the ability of The Greatest Love to intervene into human affairs through ensoulments and know with certainty the final future outcome has become limited. They have relinquished some of their control over our destiny to us. As such our future can no longer be clearly seen by The Greatest Love much less predetermined by Them. Because of Their love for us They have given us a voice and forsaken Their omniscience and omnipotence.

I believe that the laws of nature today are as immutable as The Greatest Love’s love for all of us. They are the laws that The Greatest Love Themselves abide by at all times when operating within our Universe. Why do I believe this? Because the alternative would allow the laws of nature on which our science, and our civilization, is based to collapse. It would bring disorder and uncertainty to the Universe and I do not believe a merciful and loving god would ever allow that to happen. We must be humble when confronted with extraordinary and inexplicable events by acknowledging that all the laws of nature, the laws of The Greatest Love, have not been fully understood nor even discovered by humanity.

For me, my experiences and history, combined with the emergence of love, from the infinitely dense beginnings that existed before time began, reveals The Greatest Love to me as an Intelligent and Loving Creator. That to come so far from such an primordial beginning points to Their Guiding Hand.

Of course the counter argument I can also understand. To not believe in a Guiding Hand. That the complexity of the Universe’s origins combined with billions of years of progression and evolution was bound to eventually produce extraordinary manifestations such as love on at least one planet in the cosmos. That given enough time for discovery all events in the natural Universe can be explained completely by the laws of nature. This eliminates the need for a Creator or any other supernatural entity.

But alas I believe in the Guiding Hand. Why? Because I believe I experienced The Greatest Love myself first hand during the messages, visions, and feelings described earlier in this blog. The feeling of love, during the delivery of those messages was so complete and powerful that I believed something greater than myself was involved. Could I be wrong? Of course. Perhaps there was no direct involvement from a god. Instead a natural explanation involving the brain chemistry of mental illness combined with gaps in our scientific knowledge on how the brain is capable of conjuring such images under such conditions explains it all. But the messages, visions, and feelings were so clear and focused, powerful and benevolent that they pointed me towards the former. The messages were revealed over a period of many months. Some initially made no sense to me. They required much prayer and reflection to decipher. Belief in The Greatest Love did not come all at once for me. It took me some time and still today I do not claim knowledge of a divine existence. I can only assert my belief in Their presence. My belief in Their Guiding Hand.

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