The Nature of Their Message

I believe The Greatest Love is the same god as Yahweh, the Jewish god of the Torah. The same god as God, the Christian god of the New Testament. And the same god as Allah, the Muslim god of the Qur’an. These four gods are one in the same. They are but one god and Their Plan has not changed since before time began.

But we have.

And so Their messages, and the peoples to whom they are delivered, have needed to change over the millennia to ensure that humanity as a whole remains on the right path. That does not mean that one Abrahamic faith is more correct than another. It means instead that all loving faiths serve a purpose in Their Grand Design. All loving faiths, Abrahamic or not, have played a role in reaching this point in our history. And the love that those faiths, and non-believers alike, espouse will help to propel us forward.

But of course it has not always been love. Wars and conflict between different religious groups have been all too real in our history. Holy scripture has too often been wrongly used by humanity as a weapon to be wielded against those with differing beliefs. However, what I do believe is that over the long arc of history love will aim true. Today differing beliefs should not be a cause for friction or worse but a starting point for dialog, tolerance, and understanding. Extremists who base their faith not on love and compassion, but on hate and intolerance will be silenced. For they spread their beliefs not from a place of love, but from a false sense of superiority.

And so why did The Greatest Love choose to speak to me now? I believe first and foremost it was to help me. But in helping me Their messages have also shown me that humanity is growing up. And the message we tell to infants is not the same one we tell to adolescents. Like a parent nurturing a growing child the details of Their message to us has had to be revealed over time as we mature enough to understand the new revelations. And yes, in time, I believe more will be revealed. The Greatest Love will never abandon us.

This is not to say that the great religions of the world are infantile and may now be ignored. But some of the details of what was important in centuries and millennia past lose resonance in a modern world, and today Their message to me is that love must now be honored before all else.

Today, I believe, that message of love teaches tolerance and respect for all loving religions. It teaches compassion for all our fellow human beings but also our fellow loving beings and the World itself. It teaches global cooperation in the fight against the real enemies of humankind. Enemies such as racialized hate, climate change, poverty, and pandemics. These details are new to our era, just as the details delivered to previous peoples were unique to their times.

In an earlier post I stated that when The Greatest Love first spoke to me I felt They were more than just the Christian god. That wording was perhaps poor. It could be misinterpreted as the Christian god is a lesser god. It’s not that. It is that the god that spoke to me, the one god I call The Greatest Love, was in fact the same god that is worshiped by the three Abrahamic religions. They are all one in the same but have intentionally revealed Themselves differently to different people of faith and at different times. The latest revelations come from The Greatest Love who emphasizes love above all else. At this point in our civilization’s history love becomes more important than worship or even belief. It is this last point which must be made clear: a world which does not believe in a god can be saved. But a world which does not embrace love is without hope. Love, as shown by our actions, is the key. Not belief.

It may sound absurd to lump my god in with that of the other three Abrahamic faiths whose followers number in the billions. My god has a follower of exactly one, myself. One follower does not make a religion. But the World does not need more religions. It just needs its existing religions to live together in love, and understanding. Love and understanding for all the World’s great religions. The Greatest Love made clear that such love is more important than any set of beliefs.

Where people of faith can begin to veer off course is when they claim they are sole arbiter over the rules and rites which govern the Heavens. When they claim only their set of beliefs holds the key to salvation while discounting all others as unworthy of Paradise. Such sentiments would only be possible from an unloving god. One who values belief over action when in fact it is the opposite.

No religion, or group of people, no matter how big or small, acts as a gatekeeper for Heaven. Instead love is the answer and, despite being infinitely complex, it is well known to all. It is those who embrace love in their actions as opposed to just their beliefs that will be rewarded in the hereafter. And those that have no religion are no less important or beautiful. We are all Their children and were conceived in love, and the love in our hearts when we perish from this Earth is what will sustain us in the hereafter.

This is what I believe.

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