The Nature of Love and The Fifth Message

I believe love is like the links of a chain. Each link represents a single relationship based on love. Each link has relative strength: we can love our spouse (a strong link) more than we can love our neighbor (a weaker link). The strength of a link represents the depth of our love for that single relationship.

A chain also has a total length (a.k.a. breadth or width) made up of a series of individual links. This length represents the overall number of our relationships.

The depth of our love for a given relationship and the overall number of our relationships can grow and shrink over time.

It is while thinking about just how deep and how broad our love can be that, I believe, The Greatest Love spoke to me for a fifth time. They said:

Your love is sacred

By “Your”, I believe, The Greatest Love meant humanity as a whole, not just me: Our love is sacred.

And after much thought about the fifth message I believe now there is another dimension to love. A third dimension. Love can not only grow in depth and breadth. But love can also evolve. And so, I believe, humanity’s love has evolved to become sacred.

The significance of this I will discuss in the next couple of posts

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