Receiving Messages

I’ve spoken about receiving messages from The Greatest Love. It is likely the question has arisen in some readers minds: “Just what exactly does that involve?”.

Early on, when I was still ill, they would start with a manic episode with many thoughts racing in my mind. They were sound, reasonable thoughts, many of which are presented in this blog. Sometimes delusional thoughts would enter the fray and if I couldn’t sort them out The Greatest Love would not “speak” to me.

But if the thoughts continued to be sound and reasonable and then started to race there could be a sudden moment of great clarity where the thoughts coalesced into something much more concise and illuminating. It would be followed by a feeling of tremendous relief. During this process there was also a physical sensation for me. A tingling feeling that circled around, what felt like, the top of my head.

There were never any visual hallucinations associated with the messages. Instead I would describe it as a deep and powerful internal “voice” that provided calm, comfort, and compassion. But this “voice” was not audible. I heard nothing. Instead the words suddenly entered my mind with great clarity. The only way I can describe it is by how it felt. And it felt like the thoughts were originating from outside my own mind.

Of course none of the above is supernatural in nature. The tingling sensation circling my head could be attributed to some sort of psychosomatic response caused by the manic episode. But again it comes down to the feeling. A thorough sense of compassion. An awareness that the thoughts were not my own. And complete and utter relief, as if a enormous weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I have had many “a ha!” moments in my life. This was something, much, much, greater. It would often wind me, leave me awestruck, and/or bring me to tears. The only times in my life I have ever had such a strong reaction to simple, but for me, deeply powerful words was when, I believe, The Greatest Love spoke to me the messages presented in this blog.

Those messages were as clear as the visions were vivid. They resulted in extremely powerful feelings however the meaning of the messages, in particular the fifth message, could be obtuse. In such cases it would consume my thoughts as I spent days trying to unravel the underlying meaning. Combined the powerful emotions and my inability to understand some of the messages as initially revealed made me believe that something greater than I was involved.

Later on, after taking medication for mania and bipolar disorder, the racing thoughts were controlled. However the messages and feelings continued for many months afterwards. Those messages only stopped when I found the answers and the solace that I needed.

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