The Staircase Of The Heavens

I have spoken about Heaven and Hell in the past but I do not have any definitive answers for what awaits us in the hereafter. Of all the messages and visions I experienced not one was concerned with what is to be expected after our lifetimes on this earth end. And even if there were, I could still only believe such messages originated with my god. I could not know it with certainty. All the statements I make about the heavens in this post or others are informed by my beliefs alone which in turn are based on only my single lifetime worth of experiences.

To believe in a heaven is to ask whether a supernatural god exists and is capable of providing humanity, and the other loving creatures of this earth, with another plane of existence after death. To believe in a heaven would require me to set aside scientific methods of discovery and inquiry of the natural world and open myself up to the possibility of a supernatural existence that extends beyond our natural lives and laws. And I choose to do just that. I choose to believe in the supernatural existence.

I choose to believe in that existence after death because of one belief that overshadows them all: the belief in a god who is first and foremost love. Everything I experienced throughout my life and in particular the messages and visions, revealed to me a god of infinite love. A god whose love for Their children is greater than anything else in this Universe. Their love for us is so great that I believe They would never allow our own love to perish from existence. Our love must follow us into the hereafter.

But just as our love follows us into the hereafter so too does our prejudices and hate. Our soul is the amalgamation of both. Our soul represents not just the best of us. It represents all of us. Rarely does our world produce a soul of the two extremes: boundless love or unspeakable cruelty. A soul typically lies somewhere in between. And so when such a soul is carried to the heavens we might rightfully ask what place do they occupy there? This question then inevitably leads us to ask for what purpose is the heavens? Why do the heavens exist at all?

It is in pondering this latter question that I have come to believe that the heavens exist because The Greatest Love cherishes all love regardless of any cruelty that may accompany it. So long as there exists love in a persons heart, any amount of any depth or breadth, there remains hope that the heavens can elevate such a soul. It is the infinite love of The Greatest Love that compels Them to try and bring loving life to the gates of Heaven, even the most initially cruel. And it is in this elevation of souls that the purpose of the heavens is revealed.

With the introduction of love in our Universe the heavens opened. The purpose of those heavens is not to dispense binary judgements that either reward the righteous or punish the wicked. Belief in a merciless god, thundering sentences from on high of an eternal Heaven or Hell for finite actions while on earth is mistaken. Such a belief would be disproportionate and vengeful. Instead love seeks redemption even for the most evil of souls. A god of infinite love would not abandon any of Their loving children regardless of the evil they have perpetrated.

In fact a god of love would wear the hat of Judge only sparingly. It is a necessary hat but there are three other hats of much greater significance that I believe They wear when deciding the fate of souls: those of Creator, Teacher, and Healer.

Souls afflicted by a lifetime of hate and intolerance must be taught and healed. They must be taught the ignorance of their beliefs and then must be shown how to create new bonds of friendship and love where before there was only darkness and evil.

And once that darkness and evil is lifted that soul in the heavens will reach a higher level of love. I have spoken about what awaits us in the two extremes of the heavens: Heaven and Hell. But human souls have enormous complexity. The love within them immeasurably variable. A heaven based on just two binary poles, a yes or no answer, a Heaven or Hell alone, lacks compassion and righteousness. Love dictates that there must exist a spectrum of levels between the two extremes to accommodate the varying love in every persons heart. And so I believe, between Heaven and Hell, lies a staircase that spans the chasm between them.

The Greatest Love judges where on this staircase an initial soul must begin. But our placement is not mandated for all eternity. We are afforded opportunities to grow our love, within the heavens, wherever we begin on the staircase. And The Greatest Loves also judges when new stairs become open to our climb based on the growth of our love. These are not judgements meant to instill punishment or reward, but instead judgements meant to promote healing.

Yes at the lowest tread on this staircase exists Hell. It is a place where The Greatest Love does not allow Their love to be felt. But again this is not done to punish. It is done to teach. To teach those with wicked intentions the power and meaning of their own love alone, absent that of any others including The Greatest Love. Once this is learned they may step outside Hell and begin the climb upwards. A climb that is meant to open their hearts, ever wider, to the love of others including that of The Greatest Love.

Now there may be those that choose to defy the healing and teaching effects of Hell. Those who reject all attempts to impress upon them the power of their own love. The Greatest Love cannot guarantee that They can lift all souls from the clutches of Hell. For there is still free will in the heavens and with it there will be those unwilling to open their hearts, even the slightest, to reveal their own love. Those who continue to wallow in their own hatred and vile intents. For these souls Hell will remain their continued existence.

At the highest step exists Heaven. Perfection is not required to ascend to it for we are only human souls and even in the heavens perfection will never be within our reach. So what is required for us to enter Heaven? Each step towards Heaven will ask us to undertake new challenges that will extend the depth and breadth of our love even further. And by the time we reach the final step our love for all other loving beings, as well as ourselves will have grown complete. But it is our love for others that will be key. To open our hearts to all others, despite their flaws and ours.

In summary the purpose of the heavens is to teach. To heal. And to create the conditions by which any soul may ascend to the Kingdom of Heaven if it is their will. For the heavens are first and foremost a place for redemption, not punishment or reward. It is a place meant to better loving beings, not station them into one of the two extremes for all eternity. Few of us will warrant either of those two extremes upon our earthly death. But where ever our initial placement on the staircase of the heavens falls, find solace in the knowledge that The Greatest Love will be there to help guide us upwards towards Paradise.

This is in keeping with The Greatest Love’s infinite love for all Their loving creatures. And it is in keeping with Their desire to elevate our love ever higher, in the heavens as on the earth.

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