The Colors of Heaven

The brutal and tragic events unfolding over the past week in America have caused me to ponder a question about love and about race. Namely do races exist in Heaven? And if so what about the aberration of love that is racism? Does the scourge of that dreaded condition end at the gates of Paradise or can racist hatred make its way past?

I believe that Heaven is first and foremost directed by love, and that our souls in Heaven reflect the love in our hearts. I believe one source of that love is our racial identity. It not only represents a cumulative history and culture, it helps to define our pride. Our passions. Our souls. And so to remove the racial identity from a soul is to remove a source of its love. Heaven is not in the business of removing wellsprings of love. Quite the opposite. Heaven cherishes and celebrates them all. And so race must exist in Heaven, for it is a rightful source of one’s love.

On Earth, as in Heaven, we should be proud of our race and not let anyone make us feel less human because of it. But it is one thing to be proud of your race and quite another to believe your race is superior to others. The former is love. The latter is hate. And the question is can such a form of hate ever be granted access to Heaven?

I have spoken before about how some forms of hate, for example that which is narrowly focused at the unrepentant killer of a loved one, may be allowed to enter Heaven after the totality of one’s life is considered. But racist hate is a different beast entirely. It is directed at an entire people and the World can not be brought together so long as the talons of racism cling tightly to our social fabrics. Racist actions must be widely eradicated in order for our nations and our World to reach their true potential.

I believe that before judgement is passed on a soul with racist hate, like any soul, outside the gates of Heaven, all will be revealed about that persons life within the comforting embrace of The Greatest Love. Who and what influenced that person’s actions throughout their life? When were the seeds of racism planted in that person? How were those seeds nourished and allowed to grow? And finally, and most importantly, what actions were then taken by the individual that reflect their racist thoughts and feelings? For it is our actions which define the love in our hearts.

When all of that is revealed and more, and the prejudices and discriminations shown to be the deceptions that they are, I believe such a soul will be given a choice of their own free will: to let go of the hate and embrace all of humankind or to continue to cling to their racist ideologies; their false gods and heavens. I believe a loving god of mercy would afford us all this opportunity if necessary, regardless of circumstance. But it is not easy to escape a lifetime of hate. For racism is not always just a matter of ignorance that can be washed away through the knowledge of revelation. It can also be a matter of character. A matter of choice.

So can a soul who is unrepentant over their racist actions on Earth, even after their life, and their ignorance, have been revealed to them, walk through the gates of Heaven? I am not The Greatest Love and cannot know the answer to this question but I am also not sure how it would come to pass. For to allow such racism into Heaven would be to deny the victims of such aberrations a more loving Paradise in which all souls are free to celebrate with each other. I believe it is this latter point which is paramount: racism can never be allowed to inflict pain anew in Heaven. Acts of racism have no place within The Cradle of Love.

And so I believe it cannot be.

I believe it cannot be that the unrepentant peddlers of racist hate would have a place in Heaven. But I pray such souls may find enough love in their hearts to redeem themselves in the eyes of The Greatest Love.

For Heaven is not colorless. Instead color is seen and celebrated in all its glorious shades, by all the souls of Paradise.

This is what I believe.

I pray for the soul of George Floyd. That he may find comfort in The Greatest Love’s embrace. That it may wash away the pain and the fear and that he may be welcomed into a Paradise free of intolerance and bigotry, by all the Colors of Heaven.


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