Animal Rights

In a later post I speak about how the reduction of pain and suffering allows us to deepen and broaden our compassion and empathy. It is a primary means by which we reveal and evolve our love. But this reduction must extend, as much as is reasonably possible, to all species where pain and suffering can exist. Especially when humanity is the source of that pain and suffering. In so doing we will evolve our own love as we transition away from being harvesters of resources to being guardians of life.

The reduction of pain and suffering in this world should be extended to all that, I believe, The Greatest Love intends: all creatures, great and small, that can experience it. This means broadening humanity’s respect, compassion, and yes love, to all such creatures. Their emotional well-being must also be considered. And it is in considering another species well-being that our own love is evolved further.

Will we ever be able to eliminate all pain and suffering in the World? No. Of course not. Our World is not Heaven and we will never be able to eliminate all the pain and suffering in nature. Lions will continue to prey on gazelles. Wolves will continue to hunt caribou. If they did not, those predators would in turn suffer as they succumb to the ravages of starvation. It is nature’s way. But humanity does not need to be a predator. We choose to be a predator.

Will the human practice of harvesting animals for sustenance eventually end? A further evolution of our love may be required for that. But even without that further evolution, The Greatest Love has bestowed on us a higher love and with it comes the responsibility to treat any beings, which can experience pain and suffering, with compassion and respect. Certain practices such as harvesting animals to the point of endangerment or extinction, are, I believe, an aberration of love. Mistreating animals while they are being raised or eventually harvested is also, I believe, an aberration of love. But in general harvesting animals for sustenance, when done with compassion and respect, I do not believe is an aberration of love in this current age of sacred love.

Unfortunately the vast majority of animals harvested today are done so on factory farms which care little about animals emotional health or well-being. Humanity must first take a stand against this mistreatment with legislation enshrining robust animal rights into law. This step, once taken, will eventually put us on a clearer path toward a new moral frontier.

That frontier will see the practice of harvesting animals for sustenance eventually ended. For it is not just a matter of protecting the most intelligent life forms, or the most beautiful or even all life forms. Instead, I believe, it is a matter of protecting all forms of life capable of experiencing pain or suffering. It may take the development of artificial alternatives to harvested animals that have the same taste, texture, and nutritional profile or better, of the real thing before attitudes in this regard change on a global scale. But I do believe it will happen with time.

Much, much, time and, I think, a further evolution of our love.

And what about animals in Heaven? I believe, at minimum, Heaven is available to all loving beings. For with love comes a soul and, I believe, Paradise is available to all souls. And what informs my belief in this? A loving dog named Tasha who in my moment of crisis helped walk me back from the gates of Hell.

I believe Paradise is hers.

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