Sacred Love

Sacred love allows for deeper and broader chains of love than those of the lower forms of love which came before it. The fifth message in concert with the second vision are clear to me: with the emergence of sacred love the depth and breadth of our compassion is great enough to allow us to travel to distant worlds, when our knowledge and technology advances to that point. For when it does we will be able to treat the lower forms of love we may find there with the compassion and respect they deserve.

But more importantly than this, I believe, is that before the second vision is realized we will learn to love our World, and each other. For both are necessary precursors to the second vision and all are made possible by sacred love. It will of course take some time to manifest which I will discuss in a future post.

There is more. I believe the heavens cannot be less loving than Earth in any dimension. And so, in general, rights and freedoms based on love and enjoyed by humanity on Earth must exist in the heavens as well. Thus the freedom to believe, or not believe, without judgement as on Earth, must also exist in the hereafter. When humanity instituted the freedoms of religion, belief, and others, and defended those freedoms in the highest courts of our lands, we honored love and expanded upon the teachings of the sacred texts. Love, in the form of fundamental freedoms, was then being instituted in secular charters and constitutions, not sacred texts. And it was at this point that I believe our love became sacred: when secular laws governing the masses espoused new facets of what love means, not covered by the sacred texts. In so doing humanity moved closer to the transcendent perfection of Heaven by their own laws.

What comes after sacred love? I do not know. However my faith in humanity is strong and I believe our love will continue to evolve. And I think that at least part of that further evolution will involve recognizing that all forms of life that can experience pain and suffering are worthy of our protection and thus an end to harvesting animals for food. That notion of protection will in turn allow us to compassionately contact intelligent life forms on distant planets regardless of whether they are of a lesser love.

Finally there is one thing sacred love, or any later evolution of our love, cannot ever unlock: the love of The Greatest Love. Divine love. For that love has infinite depth and breadth. Our love will never evolve to that level.

For we are not gods nor will we ever be.

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