Knowledge, Belief, and Thoughts

The difference between the three, for the purposes of this blog, is their degree of certainty. Knowledge is more certain than belief which in turn is more certain than thoughts. As such the three form a spectrum of certainty with knowledge being the most certain, thoughts being the least certain, and beliefs lying somewhere in between. For example one may say “I think that car is red” when the car is on the horizon. As the car approaches and its color comes more into focus the statement may change to “I believe that car is red”. Finally just as the car is about to pass and its color is clearly visible the statements may conclude with “I know that car is red”.

It’s an incomplete definition though as I have not clearly defined the boundaries between knowledge, belief, and thought. For example at what exact distance does the car need to be for us to know its color versus for us to merely believe it to be true? People will differ with some claiming knowledge before others: some may declare that they know the car is red when it is 100m away. Others will wait until it is 10m away to declare their certainty. Still others will never be certain and have the car pass them by without ever claiming knowledge of its color. Is one more correct than the other? No. Perhaps some people have better eyesight. Or their sight lines are clearer. Or perhaps it takes less to convince them. For whatever reason what one person classifies as belief another may classify as knowledge, or thought, or deny it altogether.

In this blog I will talk about some of my beliefs and where they come from. Occasionally I will delve into what I know as well as what I merely think. Throughout it all, please keep in mind that these are only my beliefs. They are a product of many things including my own life experiences. My goal is not to convert you to them. No, instead you should always question the beliefs found in this blog.

I will start off with a first series of statements:

I know my name is Greg. I know I was born and raised in Canada. I know, I am male, I am married, I have children, and I love my family dearly.

I believe my god has spoken to me.

I think this blog may cause some readers to examine their own beliefs. I believe this is healthy and I wish you well on that journey.

I look forward to any comments or messages you may have and welcome discussion, disagreement/agreement, and constructive argument in them.

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